Carolyn Wilhelm

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Carolyn Mary Wilhelm MFA, M.Div, found her spiritual ministry through her painting and her Quaker practice of listening in prayerful silence for the “still, small, Voice” of God (1 Kings 19: 12). This listening led her to paint a powerful body of work called The Soldier Series which portrays a soldier’s journey of healing from the violence of war. Carolyn experienced a surprising encounter with … read more

Laurie Smith

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Laurie Smith is a healer, artist, and lifelong learner with a keen interest in the relationship between art and the sacred. Through compassionate listening and creative exploration, she helps others experience their connection with the Divine.  Laurie’s belief is that within each seeker there is a deep wisdom already present. Her workshops have been described as “transformative.”  In addition… read more

Marci Rau

email | 971-322-6887

Marci Rau, M.Div., finds in creativity, nature, and movement profound wisdom where the sacred is revealed in ways that intrigue, delight, inspire, and shift perspectives. She is an ordained Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Her Spiritual Direction training was completed in 1992 through Namaste with Sister Pat McCrann. She is also a Leader in InterPlay, which is a powerful…  read more

Oralee Stiles Hamilton

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Oralee Stiles Hamilton has a deep capacity for offering acceptance, compassion and openness to the Divine to those who come to her for spiritual direction, rituals, and emotional grief support.  Her large very diverse extended family; her spiritual and healing journeys and practices; her personal experiences with grief; and, her travel, entrepreneurial, and church experiences all contribute to… read more