Spiritual Direction is a process through which we become more deeply attuned to our relationship with the Divine. Through conversation with a spiritual mentor/director in an atmosphere of trust, a person comes to a deeper awareness of the presence and movement of God in everyday life. As we share our dreams, struggles, triumphs and fears, we open to our deepest and wisest source of freedom and joy.

A Spiritual Mentor/Director helps a person notice, savor and respond to the movement of the Divine in the spiritual practice of ordinary life. The mentor/director is a listening and supportive person who creates an environment where one can look honestly at his or her relationship with the Sacred. The focus is different from a counseling or therapeutic relationship.

The Interfaith Spiritual Center offers individual and group sessions with trained spiritual mentors/directors. CONTACT US and call for an appointment. You are always welcome to ask for an initial complementary meeting with the director of your choice. The staff also designs retreats, classes and workshops on spiritual life, including practices from the world’s major spiritual traditions.

Fees for Spiritual Direction are on a sliding scale of $50 to $150. Each person decides what they will pay. Talk the fee over with the director. We wish to be available to all in need of our services. Please contact us for more information.


How to Find a Spiritual Director

A good spiritual director will always be respectful and encouraging of your path.  Interfaith Spiritual Directors are trained to be welcoming and open to all seekers.  Here are some questions you might ask:

1. What is their life experience?
2. What is their training?
3. How did they come to be a spiritual director?
4. What is their spiritual practice?
5. Do they have a specialty?
6. Are they a member of Spiritual Directors International?
7. Are they in spiritual direction themselves?

Ask for a free “informational” interview.  Most spiritual directors understand that you may need to interview a few people to find the right fit.

Questions?  Do you have a question about Spiritual Direction or how Spiritual Direction might help you?  Ask a Spiritual Director.

To meet the Spiritual Directors at the Interfaith Spiritual Center click here.