Oralee Stiles Hamilton has a deep capacity for offering acceptance, compassion and openness to the Divine to those who come to her for spiritual direction, rituals, and emotional grief support.  Her large very diverse extended family; her spiritual and healing journeys and practices; her personal experiences with grief; and, her travel, entrepreneurial, and church experiences all contribute to the gentle ways she holds others in their complex lives.

She grew up in the Protestant tradition and has participated extensively in her daughter’s and grandchildren’s lives in the Orthodox Jewish community. Her life experience, work and travels opened her to reverence in many traditions. Her formal training for spiritual direction began in 1992 at Namaste in Portland and includes training in Expressive Arts in Spiritual Direction, Enneagram, the Sacred Art of Dying and the Art of Spiritual Direction in Bend.

Oralee offers individual and group spiritual direction; women’s spiritual support groups; rituals for life changes, marriage, and memorials; grief support; and, guided personal retreats.

Oralee’s phone: 503-723-9983  Oralee’s email


  • Mothers Save the World, the View from 2020 is a short and powerful book with a vision long on possibilities and hope. Oralee Stiles takes a sweeping look back from Mother’s Day in the year 2020 at the actions inspired by women standing to save the world.   The changes in our values and behaviors began with mothers mourning together across political and religious divisions, the war deaths of their children.  As they reached out to each other from the depth of their common sacrificial pain, their hearts opened wide to the children who were alive but starving.  Plans formed to engage an organized and existing system in distributing the food already available on the planet to these dying yet living children.  Other mothers saw the possibilities of directing corporate profits to imaginative projects for the well-being of life. Hope and inspiration moved people to use their unique skills and resources in innovative ways to better life for all children. “We all win, when children win” became the theme.  The book engages the reader in the heart. The captivating possibilities described in the vision inspire women and men to be creative and hopeful in living forward with actions that matter. Download the PDF file. It prints on 14 pages.