In addition to subjects listed below, Interfaith Spiritual Center Directors also provide programs and retreats for specific community needs.  Please call or email us to discuss if we can be of assistance.

Individual & Group Sessions

Contact any of our Spiritual Directors

We welcome individuals for spiritual direction in our offices.  Sessions are usually an hour and scheduled monthly.  We encourage people to meet with more than one spiritual director to discern who is an appropriate fit.  There is no fee for the introductory session.

Fees for individual sessions are on a sliding scale of $50 to $150. Each person decides what they will pay. Talk the fee over with the director. We wish to be available to all in need of our services. Please contact us for more information.

Group sessions are offered through classes and by request.  Fees are arranged with the spiritual director.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Contact any of our Spiritual Directors

The ancient practice of Spiritual Direction is enjoying a revival.  What is this contemplative practice?  Where did it come from?  What happens in Spiritual Direction?  And why would anyone want to try it? This presentation can be adapted to your needs in terms of length and size of group.  It can include several professional Spiritual Directors ready to answer any and all questions.

Classes, Retreats & Workshops

Personal Retreats

Contact Oralee Stiles Hamilton | email | 503 723-9983

Personal retreats in Central Oregon close to the Sunriver community.  Come for nurturing and renewal during times of grief, life changes, spiritual deepening or questioning. Come for 1 – 3 days and nights in the serene forest setting surrounding the headwaters of the Spring River. Spiritual direction, comfort food at your request, and a private bedroom meditation area await you.  View photos here. Contact Oralee Stiles Hamilton to schedule your retreat.


Art & Spirit Classes

Contact Carolyn Wilhelm | email | 503-775-3766
  • Make Your Own Mandala
    In a gentle and supportive process, we use color, texture, and imagery in watercolors to get more deeply in touch with our inner truth. Carolyn uses her years of experience of introducing people to the fun of painting, while also encouraging its meditative ability to tap into Spirit.
  • The Meaning of Color
    Find out how much you already know about color and the shapes it comes in! This hands-on class encourages your exploration of easy art materials as well as opening up the door to creativity that may surprise you. There is a language in color that is beyond words and full of heart wisdom. Beginners are welcome!


Contact Marci Rau | email | 971-322-6887

Unlock the wisdom of your body. Change your life, change your the world. InterPlay incorporates movement and stories, silence and song, as well as ease and amusement. Marci is available for workshops, retreats, also available for a weekly series, such as “De-stress and Enlighten During Advent” or “Where is Your Passion During Lent?”  Visit or on facebook to find out local opportunities to play during the month.


Contact Laurie Smith | email | 503-974-6756

Workshops, individual consultation, and other events are offered. Laurie Smith is a SoulCollage® facilitator trained by Seena Frost in 2008. Contact Laurie to learn about current offerings. Visit for more information on this enjoyable and profound process.

Women’s Spirituality & Support Groups

Contact Oralee Stiles Hamilton | email | 503 723-9983

Oralee Stiles Hamilton leads empowering and supportive women’s groups. Newcomers are welcome. Contact her about dates and times.

Guest Preaching

Contact any of our Spiritual Directors

We are available to conduct worship services and be guest preachers for congregations needing this occasional support.

Weddings, Memorials & Rituals

Contact any of our Spiritual Directors
  • The celebration and ritual of committing to a lifelong relationship is sacred. Couples sometimes have differing religious or spiritual backgrounds, or none at all. We help you create a unique ceremony based on your traditions and desires.
  • Memorial Services and celebrations of life honor the loved one while providing support to those surviving. One of us can be a presence to assist you through the process of planning a service and participate in it as you wish.  We can meet with you and other family members, plan the event, and officiate at the ceremony.
  • We are happy to help plan and facilitate other rituals of celebration, including anniversaries, baby naming ceremonies, birthdays and other life transitions.

Grief Rituals

Contact Solveig Nilsen-Goodin | email | 503-381-0931

Solveig has been designing and leading rituals for honoring and expressing personal, collective and planetary grief since 2012. Contact Solveig directly if you are interested in a grief ritual for your organization/group.

Sacred Seeing Circles

Contact Solveig Nilsen-Goodin | email | 503-381-0931

At the root of our many social crises is a spiritual crisis — a crisis of seeing: we may want to believe that everyone and everything is sacred, but we are steeped in a culture that believes the opposite: everyone and everything is disposable. This Sacred Seeing Circle offers us time and space to deeply practice seeing ourselves and others as sacred so that over time we may come to see the sacredness in everyone and everything.

For groups of three or four people, Solveig offers ongoing sessions in which each person has the opportunity to share the struggles, questions, wonderings of their hearts, while the others practice “sacred seeing — seeing the one speaking as unconditionally beautiful, sacred and beloved” followed by a brief time of affirmation and reflection.

These Sacred Seeing Circles are ideal if you…

  • want to experience Spiritual Direction in community rather than one-to-one, for financial or other reasons.
  • want to deepen relationships with already-existing friends, collaborators and co-conspirators.
  • want to practice finding sacred connections with people from vastly different life experiences and positions of privilege.
  • want to build bridges with co-workers or others with whom you may struggle on a personality-level. The Sacred Seeing Circle offers a strongly-held sacred container in which to find heart-connection with others so that personality, perspective or power differences lose their ability to undermine our important collective work for transformation.