Solveig Nilsen-Goodin, M. Div., offers spiritual direction and coaching, support and accompaniment for leaders, activists, organizers, healers, and anyone longing to heal-the-whole on any level.

Why? Because these are the sounds of the earth’s immune system waking up: your sacred aching for wholeness, your divine longing for justice, and your holy daring to let the Wild Spirit lead you in bringing your fullest self to this great healing work.

Why? Because to imagine a transformed world that reflects the sacredness and connectedness of all lives and all Life, we must seek to embody sacredness and connectedness every step of the way…starting with ourselves and those with whom we work and live.

Grounded in a liberative Christian faith, Solveig also brings experience with shamanic healing, wisdom from Buddhist teachings, and a deep appreciation for indigenous worldviews and all life-giving spiritualities and faith practices. She is committed to practices that cultivate courage and joy, deep-feeling and open-heartedness, humility and fierceness, tenacity and imagination in the struggle for healing and wholeness.

Solveig received her Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School in 1994, where she studied feminist liberation biblical interpretation. She was ordained in the Lutheran Church (ELCA) in 1996, and received her certificate in the Art of Spiritual Direction from Namasté with Sister Pat McCrann in 1997.  Since then, Solveig has been a spiritual director and grief ritual leader; pastor of a Lutheran Church and founding pastor of the Wilderness Way Community; climate justice activist/organizer/teacher and leadership coach through EcoFaith Recovery; as well as an author and musician who LOVES dancing, Zumba and reading. She is currently working toward her Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) focusing on accompanying people in the many ways we experience death and grief throughout our lives.

Solveig’s phone: 503-381-0931  Solveig’s email