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Book and Media Reviews

Oralee Stiles Hamilton suggests:

Mothers Save the World: A vision from 2020, by Oralee Stiles
Read it here.

Growing Together: Cultivating Warm Relationships with Baal Teshuvas and Converts, A guide to understanding, getting along with and caring for newly observant Jews by Aliza Bulow and Oralee Stiles.
It is a guide for family and friends of newly observant Jews, and is intended for the families of both baal teshuvas and converts. It is full of explanations, advice and stories to help both the family member and the newly observant Jew understand each other better and have a warm and respectful relationship. The last two appendices are the personal stories of daughter Aliza Bulow and mother Oralee Stiles. The book is available on

Brene Brown is engaging people with her TED talk on Vulnerability
It is a powerful piece about her research in human connections, shame and vulnerability. She shares the earth shaking impact her research had on her personally. Her talk is delightful, personal, and very insightful.

Here is the link to watch it

Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner
This book takes the reader on the journey Lauren experienced as she moved into Orthodox Judaism and then from there to Christianity in the Episcopal Church. She beautifully describes the rituals and their meanings in both groups. Each religious orientation has something profound to offer the seeker. This book is especially meaningful for those who have a curiosity or an experience of each arena.

Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith by Barbara Brown Taylor 
For anyone who has struggled with deciding to leave a church that once was vital to their life. This true personal story of a remarkable and beloved preacher sheds insight and affirmation for anyone who has trouble finding the language to explain their yearning for a deeper and more expansive spirituality–beyond traditional religion.